Each one of us is a small part of nature.

In La Salvaje we maintain that balance in our work, so that the nature never ceases to be so.

With this as a base, we work to put wings to your desires until we see on your face that we have captured your imagination, and your goal is reflected, because there is nothing better than to share a dream with our clients and to grow naturally, as we are, physically and emotionally.

With all this we are able to unite sincere, creative and coherent people and have very committed collaborators.

We blend with the environment and thus we change the way we look at life. We have a special sensitivity towards sustainability and ecology.

We create illusions in the spaces, sensory experiences where lighting, gastronomy, design and music go hand in hand, choosing the soundtrack of the moment.

We practice Mood Food, we eat sensations and memories. Always with a select and personal touch.

We always remain attentive to the honorees, the couple, at the moment, this makes us feel free and why not? Inspired!

We are passionate about the wild nature of plants and flowers. We are honored to create organic spaces with it. That imperfection that leads to perfection.

La Salvaje was born to amuse and surprise. Share a part of the path with your desire to receive your dream and make it come true. Do you want to be part of the wild tribe?